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    Profile for: Scarlett
About her: 
Name: Scarlett 
Body type: Average
Pussy hair: Bald/shaven
Hair color: Blonde
Pussy type: Innie
Ass: Medium Ass
Tit type: Natural
Tit size: Small Tits
Ethnicity: White


 is a slim slender honey with one hell of an ass. Her ass is thick, big, and compact. When she bends over her ass is glorious. It's large and in charge. She has a beautiful face that is very inviting and approachable. She has a sexy flat stomach, and that is just arousing. The combo of a flat stomach and a thick ass is unbeatable. has radiant fair skin; perky tits accentuated with bite size nipples. She has a beauty mold beneath her right nostril, attributing to a unique facial trait. While riding doggie, the ass just trembles and shakes with the craving for cock.

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Pic of Scarlett in assparade episode: GO SPEED GO   Video Title: GO SPEED GO 
Added: December 26, 2005 
Rating: 8.24 (42 votes) 
Website: assparade 
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Models in update: Jordan Ashley Bobby Bang Chayanne Jacobs 
Tags: Amateur White Brunette Natural Tits Small Tits Blowjob Hardcore Threesome Big Ass

Let me tell you what this is not one to miss, A race, some great sex, and two wonderful asses. We took a couple of the hotest booty having girls to the local race track to watch me beat the fuck out of one of those M3 guys, any one how lives in south florida knows the type I am talking about Anyhow I told this guy if he could Impress me on the track Iwould hook him up an one of our wonderful home videos.....Needless to say I was not impresseed and that is why brought along brought Bobby and Jordan as back up so I toyed with him for a little while before dominating and humiliating him infront of these fine pieces of ass and while that guy was running home with his tales between his legs I took the prize being those two big butts back to pad two get into some serious ass worship These girls shook there bootys so hard and fast I almost busted one out in my pants but being the good friend that I am I handed these to girls off to my boys Bobbie and Jordan to finish those girls off but it was the boys that got finished off those lucky guys got some double pleasure not only did they get some good face sitting but those girls bent right over for some killer 69 sucking of the cock, which lead into some nice hard sex. Watching these girls ride was another ass shack of its own and I am surprised those guys lasted as long as the did this scene was truly a pleasure to shoot as you will see by the size of the loads shot all over these girls pretty little faces. 

Pic of Scarlett in assparade episode: Booty  cASStle   Video Title: Booty cASStle 
Added: January 23, 2006 
Rating: 8.02 (86 votes) 
Website: assparade 
Movie: Play Trailer 
Models in update: Velicity Von jmac 
Tags: Amateur White Blonde Enhanced Tits Anal Blowjob Facial Hardcore Lesbian Threesome Big Ass

There's nothing like being in the company of two beatiful woman...and if you add to that the fact that they both have beautiful round asses...then my friend you are in HEAVEN..That is how I felt when I went to visit Velicity and...my lesbian/bi buddies...who wanted to show off their new crib and their sexy round asses...We started the tour by checking out thei pool...thats where Veliciy statred playing with  beautiful booty by jiggiling up and down...That's when my homie J-Mac showed up an the girls went wild...once they saw him they were down to give him some double pleasure...by sucking his cock while they ate each other out..this shit was wild...It was fucking amazing to watch these beauties go at it with their perky tits and pretty pink pussies...man..these chick's blowjob skills are unparalleled. The girls decided to move the party inside..where the action got even wilder...Felllas don't miss this one. Enjoy!!!!! 

Pic of Scarlett in assparade episode: Booty Beach Bash   Video Title: Booty Beach Bash 
Added: March 13, 2006 
Rating: 7.82 (54 votes) 
Website: assparade 
Movie: Play Trailer 
Models in update: Ruby Sara Jay J.T. jmac 
Tags: Pornstar Black Latina Brunette Blonde Natural Tits Small Tits Enhanced Tits Blowjob CumshotFacial Hardcore Interracial Lesbian Threesome Tittyfuck Big Ass

You know that here on Assparade I'm always stepping the game up...With this new episode I'm taking it to a whole new level...Let me break it down for you: 3 Girls with exquisite bubble butts, 2 guys and 1 deserted beach...so my girl Sarah Jay (there shouldn't be a need for an introduction: i you hane seen her legendary ass and deliscious tits) calls me up...She lets me know that two of her friends want to go to the beach, and you know I had to jump on the chance for this one...so I meet them at at this deserted beach where I had to get my special ass worshiping moment with these beatiful bubble butts...I had a pleaseant surprise to see that I had three delicious flavors of booty to choose from, Ruby: choclate deluxe,Sara Jay: french vanilla and Scarlett: butter pecan...these girls have some serious bubble butts....These girls really know how to have fun, we went into the water to enjoy, there wet firm asses shaking in the ocean....after enjoying the parade of wet of rumphs, we went back to the sand where the girls were introduced to JT and JMac...the ORGY that broke out was spectacular..I enjoyed there big bouncy tits shaking in the breeze...WOW, fucking amazing...the blowjobs were out of control and the fucking was intense.. don't miss this one fellas.tune in for all the action! Enjoy! The Dirty One... 

Pic of Scarlett in assparade episode: Laundr-O-Buns   Video Title: Laundr-O-Buns 
Added: July 17, 2006 
Rating: 7.72 (45 votes) 
Website: assparade 
Movie: Play Trailer 
Models in update: jmac  Angelina 
Tags: Amateur White Brunette Blonde Natural Tits Small Tits Blowjob Hardcore Lesbian ThreesomeBig Ass

The booty-loving devious ones are back for another round of ass pleasing adventures..for this week's line-up we hit a laundry mat for some public ass worshiping..So this week we bring back one of the greatest asses we have seen here on ASSPARADE, I'm talking about my girl Scarlett and she brought her friend Angelina, a gorgeous vixen with a beautiful PLUMPrear who loves to show it off..so let me break it down for you all, I tell JMac to meet me at the laundry mat and for him to bring his dirt gear , because we gonna have this broads do his laundry and then he can hit those fine asses, but first I have the girls do a little ASSPARADE patented modeling, to show of their amazing asses..You know these girls delivered, two fucking amazing teardrop booties..The ass-worshiping was intense, i had the girls lather up in soap suds, the did the usual bending over and I even had them on a table with their heads in a dryer, so we can really see those asses..Fellas check out the sample movie, and then sign up cause this shit is legendary, Enjoy! 

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